"The Special" Podcast

Recently, I was asked to do a podcast. Not just any podcast, I was asked to participate in a podcast for the New York Times! The Special explores the intersection of food and culture in American cities, with host Minya Oh, a.k.a. “Miss Info.”

It was a great experience to discuss Greenville, a place I call home. We discussed the past, present, and future as well as the challenges that are ahead for several hours. Don’t worry, the podcast is only 30 minutes!

Other featured guests on this episode include:

  • Shaun Garcia, executive chef at Soby’s New South Cuisine

  • Will Donovan, owner of Donovan Pottery Studio

  • Mike Renner, driving instructor at BMW Performance Center East

  • Ruth Ann Butler, civil rights activist

Head over to the New York Times and take a listen!

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